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Riikka Tauriainen

Institute Practices and Theories in the Arts
Normannenstrasse 10, CH-3018 Bern
Bern Academy of the Arts

Riikka Tauriainen

Riikka Tauriainen (she/her) is a visual artist, researcher and lecturer. She explores water phenomena and the extent to which our kinship with other bodies can be understood as a deeply materialistic relationality. Riikka Tauriainen grew up in Finland and lives in Zurich. She studied in Tallinn, Essen and Berlin and received her Master in Fine Arts from the Zurich University of the Arts.


Prof. Dr. Peter J. Schneemann, Dean of chair of Modern and Contemporary Art, Institute of Art History, University of Bern

Prof. Dr. Yvonne Schmidt, Institute for Practices and Theories of the Arts, Bern University of the Arts

Doctoral project

Since 2023 she is part of the research project "EcoArtLab" at the Institute Practices and Theories of the Arts. She is doing her doctorate at the Institute of Art History in the doctoral program Studies in the Arts at Bern University of the Arts and the University of Bern. This practice-based research explores how collaborations between art and science can enhance the critical care of bodies of water. The study focuses on the intersections between community science, art practices and mediation.

Research focus

Art history, mediation, artistic research, eco-art, ocean literacy