Studies in the Arts (SINTA)

Program structure

The curriculum in this structured doctoral program includes an interdisciplinary series of methodologically thematic courses on theories, practices, and methods in the arts, humanities, cultural studies, and social sciences. The program can be completed parallel to the dissertation project within an average of four years. The following courses are offered within the doctoral program:

Event type Content Event cycle
SINTA Day Doctoral students present theses, questions or partial results from their projects and put them up for discussion. In the integrated colloquium, the SINTA management additionally informs about important innovations and there is time to discuss students' concerns
each semester (in German, presentations may be given in English)
Lecture with workshop Lecture followed by a 1-day workshop on key concepts in art research and practice, as well as in the humanities and social sciences. Doctoral students actively participate in designing the workshops. 2-3x per semester (usually 1x in English and 1x online)
Module Research in the Arts 4-day introduction to specific research in the arts: basics and concepts of artistic research, subject history and theory, case studies and their methodology, practice-oriented interdisciplinary exchange and negation, acquisition of methodological foundations.
every second year (in German)
Field trip Field trip with the aim of networking with relevant stakeholders from the art, design, music and science scene. about every 1.5 years
Soft skills courses How do I write a coherent text? How can I apply for grants? How can I present in an interesting way? These questions are addressed in various soft skills courses throughout the Graduate School of the Arts and Humanities (GSAH). each semester (in German)
Summer school Summer School of the Graduate School of the Arts and Humanities (GSAH) at the intersection of the humanities and other scholarly cultures, between science and art, theory and practice, academia and the society; and between individual, participatory, analytical, and activist research.
once a year (in English)

Schedule of events

How are the 20 ECTS of the doctoral program structured? Here is the overview of the courses that have to be attended in the SINTA program as compulsory or elective courses, including the required ECTS.