Studies in the Arts (SINTA)

About the program

The doctoral program Studies in the Arts combines various disciplines in the humanities, cultural sciences, social sciences and the arts. It promotes research and reflection in relation to artistic practices, creative and aesthetic issues, and the connection between art and science. The profile orientation of the program is a practice-oriented, artistic-scientific one. The program is conducted in both German and English.

SINTA combine theory and practice as well as basic and applied research. Doctoral students realize their projects in a stimulating environment and gain access to artistic and scientific networks. They benefit from both Universität Bern and HKB and can thus build up unique specific competencies.

The doctoral program prepares for research-oriented work either within universities or outside (culture, society, finance, administration, etc.) and equips to take on a wide variety of demanding professional duties and roles.


The requirements in terms of the final examination are based on the regulations on doctorates of the Faculty of Humanities (Universität Bern): Promotionsreglement (PDF, 134KB)


“Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)” awarded by the Faculty of Humanities (Universität Bern). A diploma supplement shows the attainments made at SINTA under the joint auspices of both institutions.