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Robert Lzicar

Postal Address
University of Bern
Graduate School of the Arts
Muesmattstr. 45
CH - 3012 Bern

Robert Lzicar

Last published: Robert Lzicar, Davide Fornari (Hrsg.), Mapping Graphic Design History in Switzerland, Zürich: Triest-Verlag 2016

since 2016: Co-Coordinator of the SNF Sinergia-project «Swiss Graphic Design and Typography Revisited», Bern University of the Arts
since  2015: Head of the MA in Design degree program at Bern University of the Arts
since 2012: Doctoral student, Graduate School of the Arts, University of Bern and Bern University of the Arts
2012: Master in Research on the Arts, University of Bern
2011/2012: CAS «Qualification Program for Aspiring Swiss Academics», a shared degree program at Geneva University of Art and Design, Bern University of the Arts, and Zurich University of the Arts.
since 2011: Research lecturer focusing on research into communication design, Bern University of the Arts.
since 2010: : Lecturer for the Design History module in the academic field of Design and Art, Bern University of the Arts.
2013–2015: Visiting lecturer in Theory, Lucerne School of Art and Design.
2006–2012: Member of scientific staff, Institute for Technology in Architecture, at the Chair of Architecture and Building Systems, ETH Zurich.
since 2006: Partner/Visual Designer «STVG – Mahrer, Lzicar», Zurich
2005: Diploma (university of applied sciences), degree program in Information/Media, Schwäbisch Gmünd University of Design (Germany).


Prof. Dr. Peter J. Schneemann, University of Bern, Institute of Art History
Dr. Barbara Bader

Doctoral project

Obey the grid: On Switzerland and its extraordinary visual culture

In his dissertation project, Robert Lzicar focuses on the grid – both as a key representative of so-called Swiss graphic design and typography, and as a symbol of Swiss values. He traces various uses of the grid through visual culture in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Research priorities

Design History, Swiss Graphic Design, Historiography, Design-Driven Innovation, Publication Analysis


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