Studies in the Arts (SINTA)

Dissertation of Nora Rudolf

Textile Collections in Museums of Applied Arts: Collecting, Exhibiting and Preserving Historical Textiles in the Nineteenth Century (working title)

When museums of applied arts were founded in the mid-nineteenth century textile collections formed an integral part within the museums’ collections, because they corresponded particularly to the institutions’ aims. The significance of textile collections during the flourishing period of these institutions can be reconstructed with the help of still existing objects: until today textiles that are still in nineteenth-century mountings are kept in storages of various museums of applied arts. They represent museum practices and form the basis of this dissertation project. The main goal of this project is the analysis of collection and presentation strategies of museums of applied arts during their early period. Furthermore, this project aims to contribute new insights into the history of museums of applied arts as well as to the reception history of historical textiles and the origins of textile conservation and restoration.


Prof. Dr. Birgitt Borkopp-Restle, Universität Bern, Institut für Kunstgeschichte, Geschichte der textilen Künste
Dr. Regula Schorta, ABEGG-STIFTUNG, 3132 Riggisberg