Studies in the Arts (SINTA)


Admission to the doctoral program is open to those who meet the formal requirements and would like to undertake a research project which links the research fields and clusters associated with HKB or the University of Bern (Universität Bern).

Formal requirements:

  • In order to apply for admission to SINTA, a person must be approved for doctoral studies as per the provisions set out in the regulations on doctorates (Promotionsreglement). Doctoral students are registered with the Faculty of Humanities (Universität Bern) and their first supervisor must be a member of this Faculty.
  • A University Master's degree or a degree which would entitle the holder to study for a doctorate at a university. The overall grade for the Master's degree must be "good" (5.0) or higher. Registration also requires a letter of recommendation from both the first supervisor at the Faculty (Universität Bern) and the second supervisor at HKB.
  • For applicants who do not have a subject-specific university Master's degree, they and the supervisors jointly propose the additional requirements to be provided (30 to 60 ECTS) in the first year of the doctoral studies program (e.g. introduction to the methodology of the subject, seminar papers, etc.). The individual requirements must be recorded in writing and are part of the application dossier for ZIB and Collegium Decanale.

Entry competences for the admission to SINTA:

  • Competence in the language chosen for your own work and in English; at least passive knowledge of German (the language used for tuition purposes).
  • Explicit interest in practice-oriented research questions.
  • Successful (written) presentation of the research project.